DIY Pompom Workshop



  • One hour workshop.
  • Available upon reservation only, groups of 5 and more.
  • Come to create your keychain or hair elastic 
  • Leave with your own creation

Two locations to create your own pompom

Workshop location 
Includes the visit of Harricana and Canadian Hat workshop.
79$/person to create your own detachable pompom, hair elastic or your own keychain

The visit only : 39$/ person

Boutique location 
416 Mc Gill Street, Montréal, Quebec

39$/person to create your own detachable pompom, hair elastic or create your own keychain

If you would like to be welcome by our designer Mariouche Gagné, there will be an additional charge of 150$

For more information, please contact us:
Phone: +1 (514)-282-1616